Purple Fox Conundrum

Join the Purple Fox Conundrum on an unusual and whimsical experience this October 4th and 5th in the Mancos Valley in Southwest Colorado. Travel through a 90-minute outdoor immersive theatrical performance and large-scale art installation produced by 25+ local/regional artists/performers. Wander through portals of technology and wildness, worship with Siri at the Church of the Cell Phone, poetically ruminate with ruminants, and find the secret to your own inner wildness.

“Think Meow Wolf meets the vast agricultural lands, wilderness and whimsy of the Mancos Valley. Magical realism is alive and well here and you’ll take a deep dive into it through the Purple Fox Conundrum experience. This immersive theatre/art installation is unique and fleeting. It pops up for one weekend and then disappears. Sort of like life – brief but extremely special. Experience it while you have the opportunity.” – Sarah Syverson, PFC Executive Producer